Cooking on an Open Fire during your Staycation

June 11, 2020

It doesn’t get much better when staying in  a holiday cottage than cooking as a group in the open air. The firepit at The Dell, in the Madeira In Fife Garden has been designed to allow big and small groups alike to cook easily in a rustic, wooded area. The sunlight filters beautifully through the tree branches, and the sound of the stream is really calming.  When its darker pop on the fairy lights and really enjoy the ambiance.   We have trialed the pit with family and friends and confirm it cooks brilliantly.  And after you have cooked the fire keeps everyone sitting, on the benches and stools around the pit, warm and cosy.

There is a box that doubles as a table where we put wood and bits and pieces that will help you prepare your meal. The table is a great place to prepare your food and stand around while the cooking is ongoing. There is also a box of food stuffs and blankets in the cottage guest laundry for you to use.

If you want to use the pit you just have to let Tara or Jamie know a little in advance so we can check its OK to use it and ensure all the things you need are available to you. Have fun.

P.S. We recommended you bring a guitar or two along