The Bothy Story

May 2, 2020

In 2015 we renovated the old potting shed into a kitchen and dining table space so we could provide breakfast for our cottage guests during The Open, who were staying in The Terraced Cottages. We called it The Bothy and it was a great success and thoroughly enjoyable, with our mostly American guests regaling us with stories.

Since then we have used The Bothy as a space to sell produce that we make and grow on site – apple and grape juice, various jellies and jams, eggs, homemade ice cream and baking are examples. Our Bothy Crew AKA The Children (mostly Kate) manage The Bothy beautifully.

However, it wasn’t big enough for more than 8 people to eat there so we decided to extend it. This spring we created a covered outdoor space where up to 30 people can enjoy dinner. Our pizza ovens  can used to make pizza of course but also cook meat, bread and stews of all sorts – meat, veg and fruit. People can rent The Bothy for a small celebration, for dinner, for a wee drinks party or for a corporate group session. We see The Bothy being used as a party venue when a group of guests take over all the cottages. However, should a smaller group of guests want to make their own pizza in their cottage that is absolutely possible as the oven is portable.

We can provide everything you need if that’s what you prefer, or you can bring your own ingredients. It’s also possible to get a chef to cater for you, or to supplement your efforts with a street food vendor who could park on site next to The Bothy. Just call to discuss and we can work out the best plan for you.